Taffy - 11.2 hh
Taffy is our lead rein pony that looks after our first time riders

Gypsy - 11.2 hh
Gypsy previously came from another riding school, she is used for children of all abilities

Norman - 12 hh
Norman is one of our new arrivals and has settled in really well with the children

Calico - 13.2 hh
Calico is also used for children of all abilities, she especially enjoys to jump

Tess - 14 hh
Tess has recently had a foal, named daisy, Tess will be broken in next year in order to join the riding school

Mr Strumbles - 14 hh
Mr S, for short, is used for a variety of different riders, from beginners to advanced. He is very popular with everyone

Patsy - 14.2 hh
Patsy was previously owned by one of the liveries on the yard, she is now one of the favourites, with jumping being her speciality

Sunny - 14.3 hh
Sunny is used for riders of all abilities, he has been with us for many years. Sunny enjoys treats after lessons as he is our greediest pony

Sam - 15.1 hh
Sam is everyone's favourite, he teaches everyone how to ride. He is a very good confidence giver

Shylo - 15.2 hh
Shylo was brought as a 2 year old and broken in at 4, he has now been in the riding school for 4 years. He is used for adults in the school and is one of our main hacking horses

Meet The Horses

Max - 15.3 hh
Max has been with us for many years, he only does hacking as this is his favourite thing to do

Murphy - 17 hh
Murphy has been here the longest out of all of our horses, he can be used for riders of all abilities and he especially loves to go out hacking

Alfie - 17 hh
Alfie previously evented to a high level, he is a gentle giant

Born on the 27/05/2014

Born on the 24/05/2015

Born on the 11/08/15
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