Is Professional Gaming Considered a Sport: Essay Example

Is professional gaming a sport?
This question has been asked many times over the years since it became popular, and opinions remain divided. Many people say that professional gaming is a sport because there is a lot of competition involved, but others say that it doesn’t involve any physical effort, and so there is no real effort involved by players. People who say that professional gaming is a sport cite the competitive aspects of it. They say that people train hard to be able to do the things they do, just like athletes do for their own sports. There is a huge following to see who can be the quickest and the strongest of all the players, with rankings changing accordingly. On the other hand, when athletes train, they expend physical effort – they follow diets and training regimens which help them to reach their goals. Professional gamers need do nothing of the sort – they simply need to play the game until they become good at it. This is not to detract from their achievements in any way, but things are not comparable. Does professional gaming involve effort? Maybe, but not always in the same way as effort is involved for other professional sports. It does take time and effort to get to the point where you can compete on a professional level, much less have any hope of winning. The problem lies in the assumption that this is the same for athletes. Professional gaming has been debated for years – is it a sport, or isn’t it? There is evidence for this on either side, so the debate will most likely continue for some time to come. People think that there is effort involved, but whether that is the same as the effort given to professional sports is another matter, which people can’t agree on. The essay was retrieved from our friends at essay writing service

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